February 16th, 2017

Img Links remarkable new services now available across North America

Complimentary apps and video advertising services now available to qualifying clients.

Img Link, one of North America’s premier web development and advertising service organizations, announced their completed expansion of into the United States.

“It was important for us to make, one of our most popular services in Canada, available to every business across North America. We enjoyed remarkable success with the roll-out of earlier this year and intend on using the knowledge gained from that experience as a guiding framework moving forward to expand the service.”

Img Link was quick to point out some of the enhancements and design changes for the undertaking.

“We wanted to create an entirely new customer experience with this launch. We already have a solid record of achieving first page Google results for many of our customers with detailed and wide-ranging profile information. Late last year, we also changed the way businesses communicate with their customers with the introduction of the revolutionary SMS Live Chat service.”

“It was important for us to add features over and above what our clients have come to expect from us and I think we have done exactly that”

Two of the standout services that are currently available according to to the company are a collection of complimentary management apps and video advertising services.

“What’s really great about the apps is they work with almost any business model. We designed them with a broad purpose and can help them manage their organizations expenses and create estimates for their customers. They are free to download and easy to use.”

“For new qualifying signups, we also create two custom video advertisements that are available for download right from the Management Center page. These are videos clients can use for their marketing campaigns, social media profiles or any other marketing programs they engage in outside of our ecosystem.”

According to sources within Img Link, clients can expect continued improvements to the entire lineup of advertising services throughout the current year and beyond.

“We really feel as though we’ve reinvented our purpose in terms of how we can add value to the marketplace and you can expect more to come in the immediate future.”

For more information please visit or call 1-800-332-0675

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October 9th, 2016

Img Link Introduces “SMS Live Chat” at No Additional Charge

Img Link launched its new service today linking businesses to their customers like never before.

Img Link revealed a revolutionary new service today that delivers customers instant access to enabled businesses using SMS Live Chat right from both their and profiles.

By starting a SMS Live Chat through the browser, users can communicate directly with profiled businesses on their mobile device in real time. Img Link claims the service is the quickest and most effective way for businesses to offer quotes, make appointments and deliver customer support services in a meaningful new way.

“We wanted to offer a service that is super simple to use and that seamlessly integrates into any existing infrastructure businesses use to communicate. To enable the service, profiled businesses simply need to turn the feature on in settings and include a mobile number to receive the messages from either or From there the service can be used to improve a host of customer and support services”

According to the company, cellular numbers remain confidential and are used only in the backend to communicate with the client.

“By default, the service needs to be enabled to work and can be disabled at any time. We took great care in preserving the privacy of the mobile number used for the profiled organization.”

SMS Live Chat is currently enabled on select profiles and will be integrated on to profiles within the coming weeks at no additional charge.

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July 22nd, 2016 New Design is Picture Perfect.

Img Link overhauls website with new look and additional features., one of North America’s premier photo sharing communities for the trades, unveiled exciting new design elements ending months of speculation about the esthetic direction the website will take moving forward.

Coinciding with the new design is a host of feature improvements that include the ability for customers to tag pictures as favorites and view images grouped in Contractor Profiles.

Profiles have also been drastically enhanced by including Company History, Management, Specialties, Training and Certifications along with a number of other notable improvements.

Sources have indicated that Img Link,’s owner, intends on expanding efforts to cross pollinate their core services of web development, design and print marketing material to new and existing clients at subsidized pricing and promotional rate plans to help spur further growth.

In addition, Img Link has also implemented the same improvements to profile accounts on, the company’s consolidated solution to help businesses expand their footprint online.

For additional information, you can visit Img Link’s website at or by calling them toll free at 1-800-332-0675.

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May 15th, 2015

Let your Img stick.

Img Link is expanding their advertising platform to include print marketing material.

Img Link announced today their expansion into print and related adhesive advertising products for businesses across Canada.

The company’s expansion will include the manufacturing of labels, stickers, and other stationary marketing materials. By expanding its product line, the company anticipates it will also be able to attract print customers to the digital and software divisions that include and upcoming image sharing network

According to sources within the company, Img Link made considerable investments in production equipment and creative design expertise were made throughout the first half of this year and complimentary samples have already begun distribution to some existing members.

Company executives have revealed that existing members will benefit from Img Link’s subsidized pricing and promotional rate plans, but have yet to release any specific details on what those discounts will be.

Final details regarding formats, scheduling, turnaround and pricing will be announced within the coming days on their website

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